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CPU, Kernel, Drivers

Our experts are familiar with embedded systems, ARM architecture, Linux kernel, various sensors, and low-level driver development. We can help you integrate smart sensing to your product.

Sensors & Algorithms

Use case analysis, data collection, algorithm design, simulation & implementation, mass optimization, verification, and user experience. We know what is feasible and use scientific methods to create an algorithm that works also outside of the lab.

Context Awareness

Finwe engineers have done a significant contribution in the field of context awareness, both as scientific publications and real-world implementations used globally in the scale of 1 billion users.

3D User Interface

We know OpenGL, Bullet physics, and authoring tools such as Rightware’s Kanzi. We will create beautiful 3D visualizations and breathtaking user interfaces faster than you think.

360° Photo & Video

Finwe provides ultra-fast, high-quality 360° photo & video renderers for iOS & Android, available as custom application development or an SDK. Our technology is used by the industry leaders.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Our experts worked with VR already during its first boom in the 90’s. We optimize our player technology for mobile head-mounted displays and help you integrate VR to your apps.

Applying selected leading technologies, Finwe team offers a variety of high quality mobile software R&D services, ranging from concepting to software product deployment. One of our key strengths is mastering the gap between international research and commercial products. To complete the impactful research track record, the team has experience in developing for our clients outstanding products, used by magnitude of billion (1 000 000 000) people worldwide.

Agile R&D Services

  • Mobile software R&D – from research, use case and requirements analysis, to standalone high-volume software product deployment
  • Development of innovative mobile interaction solutions
  • Project management, coordination

Technology Expertise

  • Feasibility analysis, solution probing, concepting
  • Applying latest 3D graphics and sensing technologies in mobile SW products
  • Literature/technology reviews, innovating, IPR

Finwe Ltd. has a team of educated experts with several years’ R&D background at VTT. The company has ISO compliant quality system. Combined with the practices of agile software development, the result is rapid time-to-market and less defects.

Please contact us for more information about our services.

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