Finwe announces LiveHEAT

NABShow, Las Vegas, 16th April 2015

path599-3-5-0-15_2The groundbreaking change brought by 360° technology is the interactive way of consuming video: the audience decides where to look, not the director. While free navigation within 360° video is very fascinating from the end user’s point of view, it also brings both a great opportunity and a great challenge for content creators. For example, in a 360° film the director needs to tell a story without having complete control over what the users will actually see. This is one of the problems that Finwe Ltd. is tackling with its new technology: a novel patent pending method and service for automatically tracking and visualizing 360/VR visible view area across a large user base. The service is called LiveHEAT and it is brought to market in several phases during 2015.

In the LiveHEAT system, a 360° video player is taken to a next level by including LiveHEAT Tracker component that continuously observes what part of the whole field-of-view is visible to user, including full orientation data and zoom level. This data is transmitted to LiveHEAT Cloud service, where gazing tracks from multiple users are analyzed and combined into a gazing model. The service is capable of visualizing a gazing model by super-imposing an automatically generated heat map on a 360° video. The temperature colored visualization immediately reveals what the users decided to look at, and what they did not see.

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